Celebrating St. Patrick's Day is usually one of the most anticipated events in The Bend in any given year. And while it might not be quite the same in 2021, there is still a way to spread some cheer from the home of the Fighting Irish!

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Add a local touch to your St. Patrick's Day greetings to friends and family by choosing from our themed cards. You can either save and send a digital version or download and print your favorites.

Instructions to Save and Send Digitally

If you’d like to simply save the photo and send in an email or text, you can do that from here.

Save on Desktop

  • In the gallery below, click on the holiday card you’d like to save.
  • Click the “save this holiday card button.”
  • Right click on the photo that opens in a new window, choose “Save As.”
  • Choose desktop as the save destination, then click “Save.”
  • Send to your family and friends!

Save on Mobile

  • In the gallery below, tap on the holiday card you’d like to save.
  • Tap the “save this holiday card” link.
  • In the new window that opens, tap and hold on the photo.
  • Click “add to photos.”
  • Send to your family and friends!

Instructions to Download and Print

Note: Once trimmed, the final size of the cards when folded fits nicely into a 5×7 envelope.

  • In the gallery immediately below, click on the card you’d like to send.
  • Click the “download this holiday card” button.
  • Choose the print option in the new window.
  • Print card of choice on card stock or any other paper that is 8.5×11.
    • Tip: Don’t scale the artwork, print at actual size.
  • Once printed, use a ruler to connect the crop marks at each corner.
  • Use an Exacto knife or scissors to trim the card on all four sides.
    • For best results, carefully run the knife along the ruler.
  • Fold card in half.
  • Add your own personal message and send to your family and friends!