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What to Do with Kids in The Bend this Winter

If you're looking to get the family out of the house this winter, we have some ideas for how to do so. Kid friendly activities are around every corner. Ice Skating Winter activities seem to officially begin when the skating rinks open. The ice trail at Howard Park in South Bend is wildly popular (as…

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Your Guide to Exploring Howard Park

South Bend’s oldest park is no relic of the past. Howard Park is instead a re-imagined destination for locals and visitors alike. It’s a gathering place and an area for outdoor exploration. It’s fun, family friendly and accessible. There’s something for every season, but there’s no doubt it shines…

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How To Get Active In South Bend Mishawaka

No pressure, but there will probably be spectators as you make your moves toward checkmate in Studebaker Plaza. After all, you’re hefting a knee-high knight across a chessboard built into the pavement. Making movements along the St. Joseph River between sunset and sunrise triggers LED lights to…

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