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Explore the Studebaker-Bendix Heritage Trail

History isn’t only meant to be viewed through glass cases inside museum. You can bring some of The Bend’s history to life in this way by traveling the Studebaker-Bendix Heritage Trail, which explores two companies that shaped South Bend and the surrounding area. This tour takes about 90 minutes by…

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Right at Home: Studebaker Drivers Club International Meet

It's difficult to visit The Bend without encountering a cornerstone of its history: Studebaker Corporation. Studebaker National Museum, which takes a deep dive into the company's history as one of the most famous automobile manufacturers in the country, is one of The Bend's top attractions. Even…

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Lincoln's Final Journey

As South Bend celebrates its 150th birthday next year, the Studebaker National Museum will honor the 150th anniversary of a more somber event with our special exhibition, “Lincoln’s Final Journey: A Nation Mourns,” opening June 19 through October 31. The Museum is the proud home of the carriage…

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