PICTURED: Oliver Mansion - Built in 1895

Frankie's BBQ, Inc.

Address 1: 1621 West Washington Street

City: South Bend

State: IN

Zip: 46628

Phone: 574-287-8993

Fax: 574-287-1524

Web site: frankiesbbq.net

Frankie's BBQ, Inc.

What can be attributed to the success of Frankie's BBQ,Inc.? The Ribs and Frankie's Signature BBQ Sauce of course!!! The "Sauce" is what put Frankie's BBQ, Inc. on the map. Customers can't find anything close to Frankie's BBQ in the area. Even those customers who move away, always make it a point to visit Frankie's BBQ and say how they couldn't wait to get home to get some Frankie's BBQ, because there are no ribs in the country like Frankie's BBQ.