Drinking local isn’t just something we say.

Folks in The Bend take it seriously. These makers are woven into the fabric of our community. It’s not just because they produce great craft beer, wine and spirits. Their brewpubs, wine bars and tasting rooms provide a sense of togetherness.


Craft beer is a pretty big deal around The Bend, which is home to several breweries. Some distribute statewide, others a super local. All of them foster a community vibe inside their relaxed, welcoming taprooms.

Stouts, IPAs, ales — they all have a place here. There are enough breweries offering such a unique variety beer that we decided to take a deeper dive in our Guide to Craft Beer in The Bend. Use the guide to find out about each individual brewery, their flagship beers and what to expect when you visit. Even better, we point you toward bars in The Bend with the best local and regional craft beer lists.


Indiana Whiskey

Small batch whiskey doesn’t come much better (or more local) than the stuff produced by this veteran-owned distillery. Its Silver Sweet Corn Whiskey might be the most well-known variety. Don’t sleep on the cinnamon flavor of Hoosier Sweet Heat, especially during winter.


Ironhand Vineyard

Ironhand is the only production vineyard in St. Joseph County and its wine bar has a fantastic location, across from the South Bend Farmers Market next to the St. Joseph River. Its vintages are many: chardonnay, rosé, pinot noir, Moscato, Riesling and more.

Perry Vine 

New to South Bend, Perry Vine specializes in meads, ciders and wines. It started as a hobby in 2016 and the owners went public in 2021 with a local event. It has since opened a brick-and-mortar at 121 S. Niles Ave. in South Bend where visitors can try honey mead, a variety of ciders and much more.