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Basilica of the Sacred Heart

One of the most well-known churches in the country, the Basilica of the Sacred Heart is one of the most widely recognized landmarks on the University of Notre Dame campus. It’s also the tallest, featuring a 12-foot tall golden cross atop the bell tower. 

The Basilica is, above all, a place for worship. Visitors can attend mass, take a self-guided tour or visit when volunteer tour guides are available. It is also available for weddings and baptisms for those that meet certain qualifications.

Visit the Basilica 

The Basilica is open for certain times of worship, including 11:30 a.m. Mass on weekdays and 10 a.m. Mass on Sundays. Group tour are welcome but must be requested in advance. Admission to the Basilica is free.

Weddings at the Basilica 

Getting married at the Basilica is a longstanding Notre Dame tradition, but there are certain requirements Either the bride or groom must be Catholic and meet one of these: 

  • Current Notre Dame student. 
  • Must have graduated from Notre Dame. 
  • A current member of the Sacred Heart Parish for at least two years before scheduling a wedding.
  • A current full-time member of the faculty or staff for at least five years. 

Weddings at the Basilica open on a two-year rolling calendar. All reservations must be made online.