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Plan Your Visit to Potawatomi Zoo

Walking through the main gates at Potawatomi Zoo in South Bend reveals a sanctuary for nature lovers.

Wallabies hop across open, grassy spaces. Spider monkeys move gracefully from tree to tree. Okapi enjoy a delicious helping of leaves. Lions roar. Sights and sounds abound in a family friendly environment with 400 hundred-plus animals. Find out more about what you can experience at Indiana's first zoo.

Winter Days

After the holiday season and The Gift of Lights, the zoo quiets down. But that doesn't mean there is no opportunity to visit. Winter Days take place twice a month from January through March. It's a great opportunity to visit your favorite animals and walk the zoo grounds. Pending the weather, the Zoo Train will run.

Winter Days are scheduled for noon-3 p.m. on Jan. 8, Jan. 23, Feb. 5, Feb. 20, March 5 and March 20.


Get to Know the Potawatomi Zoo

Established in 1902 as a duck pond at Leeper Park, Potawatomi Zoo is Indiana’s first zoo. It’s home to over 400 animals. Big cats like the Amur tigers, African lion, Amur leopards and snow leopards are big draws. Visitors also love the red pandas, Southern White rhino and North American River otters.

The Zoo season runs from early April through the end of October, with many special events along the way. Although it is mostly closed during the winter, there are some special open days throughout the snowy season.

Coming Soon: Giraffe Exhibit 

Potawatomi Zoo in 2021 announced a new project: bringing a giraffe savanna and watering hole to the heart of the zoo. It will include an opportunity to feed giraffes from an elevated platform and watch the animals roam their habitat with other African wildlife. 

Construction has already started on the exhibit, which should be complete later this year!

Animal Encounters

Here’s your chance to get up close with some of your favorite zoo animals. There are two options: Bison Encounter and Rhino Encounter. 

MORE INFO: Animal Encounters at the Zoo

Bison Encounter includes the chance to meet the zoo’s three North American Bison: Geornimo, Bobbie and Zipper. Visitors can learn more about the animals from the zoo keeper and even feed them. These take place at 1 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays. Tickets are $20 per person. 

The Rhino Encounter brings you close to Masamba, a Southern White rhino. This experience includes the opportunity to touch Masamba. These take place at 11 a.m. Saturdays and Sundays. Tickets are $50 per person (limited to ages six and up). 

Other Things to Do in the Zoo

Be sure to visit the farm area of the zoo. There you can feed goats and alpacas. Watch the North American river otter glide under water. And listen to the yellow-crested cockatoo talk about what a pretty bird it is.

Hop on the Zoo Train and you’ll see many animals on site and, before you leave, take a ride on the hand-crafted and hand-painted Endangered Species Carousel. Cap off your trip by riding one of the 18 unique animals including a zebra, lion, leopard and tortoise.