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Indiana Dinosaur Museum

Stepping into the Indiana Dinosaur Museum is to go back through 1.9 billion years of history. Located in South Bend near the South Bend International Airport, the museum features 43 dinosaur sculptures and 30 skeletons. Real dinosaur skin — an extremely rare archaeological find — is also on display. 

But it's not just a place to look. The Indiana Dinosaur Museum is an interactive attraction for adults and children alike. Where else can kids dig for their own fossils and check out a working research lab? 

The museum is also just one part of a property that includes the South Bend Chocolate Co. factory, a park, hiking trails, bison, a restaurant and a farm market. Ready to learn more? Let's dive in.

Museum Hours, Entry and Parking

Entry to the museum does require tickets. They can be purchased just for the Indiana Dinosaur Museum, the chocolate museum and tour or bundled together into an Explorer Pass.

Regular hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily. Last entry is at 4 p.m. You can also book group tours, birthday parties and a special Founders Tour, where founder Mark Tarner will guide you through the museum. 

Exhibits at the Indiana Dinosaur Museum

Step into the atrium at the Indiana Dinosaur Museum and you're instantly met with, you guessed it, dinosaurs. From there you can wander through the lifelike exhibits bringing massive creatures to life. Highlights include a tyrannosaurs rex, an apatosaurus and more. You can also check out a fossilized sequoia tree and very rare dinosaur skin. 

Explore the Continental Divide Park

Over 90 rolling acres await exploration outside the Indiana Dinosaur Museum in what's being called the Continental Divide Park. Yes, you can explore the divide itself. 

Elsewhere you can find live bison, which at one time roamed this very area when it was an unending prairie. The park also includes a trail system. You can head to an overlook with views of the University of Notre Dame, hike to the nearby Lydick Bog — one of the most unique habitats in Indiana — or try other trails. 

South Bend Chocolate Co. Factory and Museum

Satisfy your sweet tooth with an in-depth look at the history of chocolate, a tour of the South Bend Chocolate Co. manufacturing facility and a visit to the store. Visitors can also learn more about how South Bend Chocolate became one of the country's leading candy producers. 

South Bend Public House & South Bend Farms

South Bend Public House, a sit-down restaurant, is the latest location for this relaxed and delicious concept. It's known for the "upside down burger," a great selection of regional beer and a laid-back atmosphere. There is regular live music and an outdoor space that feels like you're tucked away in the woods. 

South Bend Farms offers products like jams, jellies, donuts, salsas and more sourced from local ingredients and farms. This is the place to stop before you leave to take home something with local flavor.