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Iconic Landmarks at the University of Notre Dame

Stunning beauty awaits on the University of Notre Dame’s campus.

Breathtaking architecture evokes history and tradition; nature is interwoven. No visit to The Bend is complete without a visit to this picturesque campus. When you visit Notre Dame, be sure to check out these 10 campus landmarks.

Golden Dome

The Main Building serves a practical purpose: administration headquarters. But its most recognizable feature sits on top. Covered in actual gold leaf, the Golden Dome is visible for miles on a clear day from the right vantage point. A 19-foot-tall, 4,000-pound statue of Mary our Lady is at the peak of the Dome.

Touchdown Jesus

Reaching 14 stories high, Hesburgh Library is an important gathering spot for students. Its south side features “The Word of Life” mural, better known as “Touchdown Jesus.” Jesus faces the north end zone of Notre Dame Stadium and, with arms raised, appears to be signifying touchdown.

The Grotto Of Our Lady Of Lourdes

Light a candle and say a prayer at the Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes. The Grotto is one-seventh the size of the French shrine where the Virgin Mary appeared to Saint Bernadette.

Notre Dame Stadium 

Sports venues don’t get more historic than Notre Dame Stadium. Go for a tour of the recently renovated stadium to see the locker room, touch the “Play Like a Champion Today” sign. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to have your picture taken on the field.

Log Chapel

Just beyond St. Mary’s Lake sits this breathtaking, small worship space. It’s often used for mass and even weddings. The Log Chapel is a replica of the one built by Rev. Badin in 1831 that served as a missionary headquarters for northern Indiana.

South Dining Hall

This dining hall has been serving up breakfast, lunch and dinner to students since opening in 1927. The architecture resembles a medieval guildhall. Students find the interior similar to Hogwarts, the fictional school of witchcraft and wizardry in the “Harry Potter” series.

Basilica Of The Sacred Heart

The Basilica has a Gothic-inspired design and is a magnificent, welcoming place for reflection and prayer. Gorgeous murals and stained-glass windows make the Basilica one of the most beautiful college churches in the world. It’s also the tallest structure on campus, featuring a 12-foot-tall golden cross at the top of the bell tower.

First Down Moses

On the west side of the Hesburgh Library, you’ll find a statue of Moses pointing upward towards the sky. Naturally, because it’s near Touchdown Jesus and Notre Dame Stadium, students have nicknamed the sculpture “First Down Moses” because it appears Moses is signifying a first down.

Clarke Memorial Fountain

Better known as Stonehenge,  Clarke Memorial Fountain honors veterans.

Snite Museum of Art

The Snite Museum of Art has a permanent collection of over 28,000 artworks and 10 to 12 special exhibitions a year. Admission is free.

Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes

A favorite spot for campus visitors, the Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes is a place for reflection and prayer. It is one-seventh the…

Basilica of the Sacred Heart

One of the most well-known churches in the country, the Basilica of the Sacred Heart is one of the most widely recognized landmarks…