When Brian and I first moved to South Bend, we were blown away with how much there is to see at Notre Dame and how beautiful the campus is.  One of our favorite things to do is to take a long walk around the lakes and see how beautiful and peaceful the grotto is all lit up at night. The kids and I make some family time by going to Notre Dame sporting events.  We watch sports they participate in, such as lacrosse and volleyball, and learn about other ones we've never seen before, like fencing.

On football weekends, we always start the weekend off cheering at the pep rally with the students, alumni, and other fans to put us in the game day mood. Then on Saturdays, we’ll watch Brian and the team walk through campus to the stadium and then head out to the parking lots to tailgate.  I love to see all the fun flags that people put up, and watch students cheer on their school, alumni catch up with old friends, and new fans who are taking in a Notre Dame home game for the very first time.