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Restaurant Policies

Indiana governor Eric Holcomb on May 1 announced the reopening of business as part of a five-stage plan called Back on Track Indiana. Stage 3 started May 22 and allowed restaurants to reopen for dine-in service as of May 11 with some guidelines and restrictions. 

  • Restaurants must operate at 50 percent capacity. 
  • Bar seating is closed. 
  • Servers and kitchen staff must wear face coverings. 

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If you’re looking for takeout, restaurants on the below list continue to offer. Please note:

  • It’s not a comprehensive list.
  • As restaurants have reopened, it’s not being updated continuously. 
  • Please call ahead to any restaurant for specifics on their operations, hours, guidelines and offerings. 

Open collage


American Pancake House

Phone: 574-247-0810

Barnaby’s Pizza

Phone: 574-288-4981

Bistro 933 

Phone: 574-323-2471

Bob’s 19th Hole

Phone: 574-2330297

Café Navarre 

Phone: 574-968-8101

Cambodian Thai

Phone: 574-289-2877 

Carmela’s at Macri’s

Phone: 574-280-4824

Chicory Café

Phone: 574-234-1141

Chico’s Mexican and American Restaurant 

Phone: 574-237-9198


Phone: 574-400-0979

Cinco 5 International

Phone: 574-520-1455

CJ’s Pub

Phone: 574-233-5981


Phone: 574-247-3000

Crooked Ewe Brewery + Ale House

Phone: 574-217-0881

Fat Cap Smoked Meats 

Phone: 574-383-5146

Fiddler’s Hearth

Phone: 574-232-2853 

Fiesta Cancun 

Phone: 574-404-6644

The General Deli & Café

Phone: 574-286-4193 

Ho Ping House 

Phone: 574-243-3366

Innjoy Café

Phone: 574-232-4000

Ironhand Wine Bar 

Phone: 574-204-2700

Lacopo’s Pizzeria

Phone: 574-233-5331

La Esperanza

Phone: 574-273-0345

The Lauber Kitchen and Bar

Phone: 574-234-2342

LaSalle Grill

Phone:  574-288-1155

Linden Grill

Phone: 574-234-7011

Los Aces Mexican Food

Phone: 574-383-5546

L Street Kitchen

Phone: 574-387-4123

Macri’s Italian Bakery

Phone: 574-282-1010 

Mandarin House 

Phone: 574-287-4414

Nick’s Patio

Phone: 574-277-7400

O’Rourke’s Public House

Phone: 574-251-0355 

Parisi’s Ristorante Italiano 

Phone: 574-232-4244

Pasquale Rulli’s Pizza

Phone: 574-259-9959


Open on weekends as of May 16 for curbside orders and outside seating only. 
Phone: 574-520-1777 

Pinellia Vegan Asian Restaurant

Phone: 574-855-3390

PKR Noodle Bar

Phone: 574-334-7674

Polito’s Pizza

Phone: 574-243-5385

Purely Pressed Juice

Phone: 574-400-0693  

Render Kitchen + Bar

Phone: 574-239-7777

Rocco’s Restaurant  

Phone: 574-233-2464 

Simeri’s Old Town Tap

Phone: 574-289-1361

The Skillet  

Phone: (574) 234-6069 

South Bend Brew Werks

Phone: 574-334-0356 

South Bend Chocolate Cafe

Phone: 574-287-0725.

South Bend Farmers Market Café

Phone: 574-282-1259

South Blend Café

Phone: 574-237-1050

Sunrise Café

Phone: 574-232-2323

Taphouse On The Edge

Phone: 574-297-9293

Taqueria Chicago 

Phone: 574-234-6775

The View 

Phone: 574-288-8439

Volcano Restaurant 

Phone: 574-287-5775

Weiss’ Gasthaus

Phone: 574-272-4287


Phone: 574-387-4642

Yellow Cat Café

Phone: 574-233-2233


Aladdin’s Eatery

Phone: 574-272-2227

American Pancake House

Phone: 574-276-7220

Barnaby’s Pizza

Phone: 574-256-0928 

BK Root Beer Drive In

Phone: 574-259-2615 

Caracas Bistro 

Phone: 574-217-8656

Chicory Café

Phone: 574-204-2025 

Cosimo & Susie’s A Bit-Italy

Phone: 574-258-4911

Curve Café

Phone: 574-252-5800

Evil Czech Brewery

Phone: 574-855-3070

Fanellos Authentic Italian

Phone: 574-999-1128 

Macadoo’s Family Restaurant

Phone: 574-259-7669

Mimmo’s Pizza 

Phone: 574-256-9001

Monterrey Mexican Bar and Grill

Phone: 574-204-2281

Nedderman’s Steak Place

Phone: 574-217-8458

Oliva’s Bar & Restaurant

Phone: 574-204-2488

Papa Vino’s Italian Kitchen

Phone: 574-271-1692

Pasqualie Rulli’s

Phone: 574-259-9959

Salsa’s Mexican Grill

Phone: 574-387-4547


Phone: 574-256-7090

Smith’s Downtown

Phone: 574-255-2227

Taste of Asia

Phone: 574-271-6888

Toyo Grill and Sushi

Phone: 574-254-9120

Zing Japanese Restaurant

Phone: 574-259-8888


Bare Hands Brewery

Phone: 574-277-2258

Bin 23

Phone: 574-334-6738

Iggy’s Pizza Shop

Phone: 574-400-0612

Jimmy’s Pizza and Ribs

Phone: 574-272-4971

Paddy Shack Ice Cream

Phone: 574-217-8558

The Pit Stop Sports Bar and Grill

Phone: 574-243-9000

Port of Peri Peri

Phone: 574-222-2247

The Pub

Phone: 574-204-2357

Purely Pressed Juice

Phone: 574-703-7777

Rocky River Tap + Table

Phone: 574- 272-5458

Salsa’s Mexican Grill

Phone: 574-217-8566

The Shed

Phone: 574-243-2300

Simonini Gourmet

Phone: 574-855-3147

Temper Grille

Phone: 574-273-0443

Tequilas Jalisco

Phone: 574- 855-1508

Uptown Kitchen

Phone: 574-968-3030

Urban Swirl

Phone: 574-387-4035

Victorian Pantry Bistro

Phone: 574-271-7881

Villa Macri Ristorante

Phone: 574-277-7273.

Yesterday’s Food and Spirits

Phone: 574-217-7017