Donuts, anyone? Whether you like long johns or jelly-filled or anything in between, there are no wrong answers when it comes to having a donut.  

Here is a list of locally owned shops around The Bend for when you’re in the mood for some delightfully fried dough to start your day.  

Country Bake Shop 

Now on multiple generations of family ownership, Country Bake Shop serves up a wide selection of donuts. It’s also known as a go-to spot for paczki, a sweet treat similar to a jelly donut, popular on Fat Tuesday in communities like South Bend with Polish immigrant heritage.  

What Yelpers say: "This place is amazing! So few true bakeries even exist anymore. (This) place is the real deal.” - Julie T.  

Jack’s Donuts  

First opened in New Castle, Ind., in 1961, these donut shops have continued to grow across the state. There are two locations in The Bend: One on LaSalle in South Bend and another at Ironworks Plaza in Mishawaka.  

What Yelpers say: “Absolutely must stop on your way through the newly developed mill in downtown Mishawaka. Cake donuts are amazing.” - Brian V.  

Macri’s Italian Bakery 

One of the most popular bakeries in South Bend, known for fantastic wedding cakes, cookies and Italian-inspired treats. But don’t sleep on the doughnuts. They’re a hidden gem here.  

What Yelpers say: “When the doors open, a waft of warm pastries and donuts engulf you … The donut/pastries selection is terrific and my donuts were fresh, and even still a little bit warm.” - Cindy M.  

New Age Baking Co. 

Head to New Carlisle for a variety of cake and yeast doughnuts with unique toppings. New Age is situated in the heart of this quaint downtown with some shops, restaurants and a museum within walking distance.  

What Yelpers say: “They specialize in a glaze type donut with toppings like Fruity Pebbles, lemon, chocolate with sprinkles, blueberry. All tasted very fresh. Of course, fresh coffee!” - James D.  

Over the Top Bakery Café  

A bit of a hidden gem in North Liberty, just down the road from Potato Creek State Park, this bakery garners a five-star rating on Yelp. Go in for the doughnuts but be sure to grab some cupcakes for later. They come highly recommended.  

What Yelpers say: “We’re here almost every Friday for donuts. They are fresh baked and delicious with lots of choices.” - Barbie S.  

Rise‘n Roll Bakery 

If you’re familiar at all with the Indiana donut scene, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve heard of Rise’n Roll. This Amish-style bakery has locations across the state, including in Mishawaka's retail district. They’re best known for the Cinnamon Caramel donut, a classic dusted with cinnamon sugar. 

What Yelpers say: “Tried the cinnamon caramel donut on my last day in South Bend. Fell in love … and have since had two family members make sure to fly home with a box.” - Lexy P.  

West End Bakery  

West End Bakery has been a staple in Mishawaka for generations. It originally opened in 1928 in what was then a primarily Belgian neighborhood. After changing ownership in 2020, it continues to serve up popular donuts using the same classic recipes that have made it a local favorite for years. 

What Yelpers say: “All the doughnuts are wonderful … They can have long lines sometimes but they’re definitely worth it!” - Abbey G.