There are so many great pizza places around The Bend, putting together a comprehensive guide is no easy task. 

So, don't think of it that way. Consider this a general tour through one of the great and, dare we say, underrated places for pizza in the country. We asked our social media followers for their take on the best places in South Bend and Mishawaka for pizza. Here's what they said:

Barnaby's South Bend

A South Bend staple and perhaps its most popular pizza spot, Barnaby’s is routinely voted that way by locals. The location on Jefferson Street oozes old school vibes. The pizza is party cut, the Italian sausage made special in Chicago.

Bruno's Pizza

Bruno's built its local reputation on an original thick crust recipe and now has multiple locations across the area. Its most popular franchise is in downtown South Bend, where you can pick up whole pies or purchase by the slice.

Chivo's Pizza 

Originally launched in St. Joseph, Mich., this pizza joint on South Bend's bustling northwest side mostly sticks to the basics and does them very, very well. The three-meat pizza is hard to beat. The breadsticks are big and tantalizingly soft.

Lacopo's Pizzeria

Located on South Bend's west side, Lacopo's is an unassuming pizza place that shouldn't be overlooked. Go big with the 28-inch party pie if you're looking to feed a group.

The Lauber

One of South Bend's most popular restaurants isn't a pizza place, per se. But its house-made crusts and unique combinations — the Tequila Lime pizza features pepper ranch sauce, shrimp and avocado — have made pizza a wildly popular menu item.

Pasquale Rulli's Pizza 

Situated on Division Street in Mishawaka, Pasquale Rulli's is an old school Italian restaurant that's been family owned for decades. Some would say the pizza hasn't changed one bit over the years. That's a beautiful thing.

Rocco's Restaurant

Regarded by many as the best pizza in South Bend, if not the state. Some even say it's tops in the whole country. Who are we to argue? It's a favorite of locals and Notre Dame fans, particularly on football weekends.

Starlite Pizza

There are multiple locations, but the one on Ireland Road in South Bend is the anchor. Diehard fans rave about Starlite's sweeter take on sauce with homemade thin crust.

Barnaby's Mishawaka: Few things in The Bend spark more debate than "which Barnaby's do you like?" They're the same name, but have different owners. The answer can be both!

Bin 23 Wine Bar: A wine bar with great pizza? You bet. This popular Granger spot specializes in brick oven pizzas. 

The Black Cat: Yes, the best pizza in New Carlisle comes out of a bowling alley that dates back more than 60 years. Black Cat pizza is known for thin crust and a boatload of toppings.

Corby's Irish Pub: Adding pizza ovens in recent years has taken Corby's has been wildly popular with regular patrons and devotees swear the pies stack up with anywhere in The Bend. 

Iggy's Pizza Shop: You'll find New York-style crust and homemade ingredients down to the sausage, which is sourced locally, at this downtown Granger restaurant.

Luigi's Pizza: This local mainstay on Mishawaka Avenue in South Bend has a devout following. It's easy to see why with all the sizes and topping options you want. 

Macri's Italian Bakery: Many view this as more of a place for amazing homemade sweets (and it totally is) but it's also a pizza spot for those in the know. Really popular with the lunch crowd looking for a personal-sized pie. 

Mimmo's Pizza: The sauce is an old family recipe at Mimmo's Pizza in Mishawaka, so you know it must be good. Add the garlic knots to your order instead of breadsticks. 

More Options Around The Bend 

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