Many cities boast recognizable foodie districts and South Bend is no different, especially west of downtown. The Westside's history is rich in ethnic tradition, from Polish immigrants to today's Latin American community. It's dining scene has absolutely flourished.

Here are five places you should visit on a tour of Westside restaurants.

Chico's Restaurant

Once you’ve hit the mural on the side of Chico’s Mexican and American Restaurant, you’ve reached the heart of the Westside. Regulars swear by the red pork stew, called carne guisada, a traditional Mexican dish served with rice, beans and tortillas. 


El Tecate

El Tecate has a sports bar feel with beer and wine. In terms of menu, seafood is the specialty. You’ll find wildly Instagrammable and delicious dishes like mojarra frita, fried tilapia where the fish is kept completely intact. It can be eaten on its own or turned into fish tacos.

La Rosita

A Westside staple that also serves up something other places don’t — ice cream, all of it homemade.  

You’ll find much praise for the Mexican chocolate flavor among those leaving online reviews (we see you, Yelp commenters) while there are also many of the traditional flavors you’d expect to find. Chamoy, a spicy sauce, is added to many of the specialty items. Don’t be afraid to give your sweet treat a little kick.  

Rosales Super Market

Rosales absolutely buzzes on the weekend. You can buy barbacoa or carnitas by the pound at the deli or simply grab tacos on the go. You’ll find fresh churros outside on summer Saturdays.  

Taqueria Chicago

Taqueria Chicago is small, charming and considered by many to be the place for tacos on the Westside.  

Order your tacos authentic on a corn tortilla with cilantro and onion. Add a squeeze of fresh lime juice to taste. To look like an insider, order the tacos campechanos. These half chorizo, half carne asada tacos aren't on the menu, but they're delicious.