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6 Places for a Winter Hike

Hiking doesn't have to be a family friendly outdoor activity you call off for winter. Lace up some boots over your warmest socks, add a couple extra layers and head to these parks for a walk off the beaten path. Bendix Woods County Park Many favor Bendix Woods County Park during spring when the…

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Experience The Bend Month

There's a truth to travel and tourism that we all know, yet rarely acknowledge — it's much more than concepts like economic impact. It's a lived experience . Never has that been more obvious than now. Coronavirus-related travel restrictions and guidelines have kept us from the physical experiences…

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Discover The Bend's County Parks

Heading outdoors is always an escape from our everyday lives, never more so than during these times where we're being asked to stay apart. Stemming the spread of COVID-19 and flattening the curve is important work. That's why we need to stay home except for essential trips. But there's still room to…

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