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Specifically Summer Promotion

Let’s be honest, sometimes the best thing about a conference isn’t the conference. Whatever is planned for after the general sessions, keynote speakers and breakouts might be the thing to get your attendees talking. That idea leads to a question: What will the buzzworthy events and must-share…

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5 Things You Must Do While Visiting The Bend

Experiences abound for anyone visiting The Bend, no matter the time of year. Seeing all of them in one trip, however, is a tall order. If you want to take a deeper dive (we encourage this!), it's probably time to consider booking a hotel room to extend your stay. Whether looking for a starting point…

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South Bend-Evansville Convention Partnership

Let’s turn your next meeting into a retreat. Sort of. There’s nothing out-of-the-way about South Bend and Evansville. Instead they’re easily accessed destinations with everything needed to host a major conference — hotel rooms, convention space, attractions and more. That they’re located outside the…

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